Men’s Floater®
Men’s Floater®
Men’s float suit with built-in flotation
Men’s float suit with built-in flotation
Men’s float suit with built-in flotation
Men’s float suit with built-in flotation

Airtime Watertime

Men's Floater® with built-in flotation

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Floater® is one of-a-kind personal flotation wetsuit, combining buoyancy, flexibility, and protection to produce a water experience like no other.

It provides greater freedom of movement while solving the ongoing problem of water fatigue—allowing one the ability to rest without having to tread water.

Airtime Watertime Floater is a 2mm neoprene spring wetsuit with an extra long zipper for easy entry and exit. The chest area has been fitted with a specially designed panel of high-quality foam for support and flotation.

Airtime Watertime® Floater® wetsuit design features:

  • 2mm short sleeve spring suit

  • Construction: Flatlock-stitched seams

  • Contour collar for comfort, strategic seam placement, back zip entry

  • Extra-long zipper for easy entry and exit

  • Patented panel of high-quality foam in the chest area for support and flotation

  • Materials: 56% neoprene, 30% PVC, 14% polyester



Size Chart

Care Instructions

Proper Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash with mild detergent in cold water.
  • Hang to dry.



Q:  I'm already a good swimmer. Why would I want this float suit?
A:  Skill level makes no difference with the Floater wetsuit. Beginning swimmers can attain confidence more quickly while wearing the suit, while enjoying water activities from the first splash. Advanced swimmers can expand their event horizons and access more creative places with the support the Floater wetsuit provides. There’s nowhere you can’t go.

Q:  Can people with disabilities use these suits?
A:  Yes. People with disabilities, adaptive athletes, and para-athletes can all use the flotation wetsuit like a regular wetsuit or to swim. Many find that when wearing the Floater wetsuit, swimming and floating are much easier. Paraplegic and quadriplegic swimmers often comment swimming with the suit makes them feel as if they have not suffered an injury.



“We live in Hawaii, and we are not swimmers. We enjoy spending time in the ocean, but we just never learned to swim. So going to the beach always has been lame for us - sitting and just watching people enjoy various ocean activities. Until now. … we got in the water, and confidently, we could go into the deeper part of the ocean where our feet did not touch the bottom. Fast forward, right now this is our favorite way to relax and unwind - just floating and relaxing in the ocean. We plan on snorkeling or even taking a boat excursion for other ocean activities. We are even talking about buying a paddleboard. If you are not a swimmer or not a confident swimmer, we cannot recommend this product enough. Or if you just want to float in the ocean and relax, this is perfect - you just lean back and literally put your hands behind your head as you watch clouds go by. …We can actually enjoy the ocean and relax and melt the stress away!….”



“I am 47 years old and have never been able to float. I took swimming lessons for years in high school, but still couldn’t float. My legs would always sink. If I made it across the narrow end of the pool, it was an achievement.

Life jackets always ride up to my neck and are uncomfortable for swimming. Then I found the Floater.

All of a sudden, I could float. I didn’t have to worry about sinking. The first time I wore the suit, I swam for about four hours. Using the suit allowed me to enjoy the water with my entire family for the first time in my life.”

~Jay Montemayor, Wisconsin