Kids Floater®
Kids Floater®
Kids Floater® with built-in flotation.
Kids Floater® with built-in flotation.
Kids Floater® with built-in flotation..
Kids Floater® with built-in flotation..

Airtime Watertime

Kid's Floater® with built-in flotation

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Floater® or Floaty® allows kids to follow their imaginations into oceans, lakes, and pools while giving parents a greater peace of mind. It combines buoyancy, flexibility, and protection to keep children afloat and optimize and prolong their water play. 

Airtime Watertime flotation suit, Floater® or Floaty® is a 2mm neoprene spring wetsuit with an extra long zipper for easy entry and exit. The chest area has been fitted with a specially designed panel of high-quality foam for support and flotation.

Airtime Watertime® Floater® wetsuit design features:

  • 2mm short sleeve spring suit

  • Construction: Flatlock-stitched seams

  • Contour collar for comfort, strategic seam placement, back zip entry

  • Extra-long zipper for easy entry and exit

  • Patented panel of high-quality foam in the chest area for support and flotation

  • Materials: 56% neoprene, 30% PVC, 14% polyester



Size Chart

Care Instructions

Proper Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash with mild detergent in cold water.
  • Hang to dry.



Q:  Does the Floater suit make it easier for my child to swim?
A:  Yes. Because you do not have to expend effort to stay above the water, you can swim easier and move faster in it. The patented front panel in the Floater® or Floaty® lifts your body above the surface and the suits flexible design makes it easy to swim.

Q:  As a parent, I'm curious, why not just give my child a shorty wetsuit?
A:  It depends on the wetsuit design. The more neoprene the more buoyancy. A child's wetsuit by itself may or may not have enough buoyancy. By adding our patented foam panel, Floater® or Floaty® guarantees flotation in all normal water situations. In fact, most kids can’t go under water even if they try.


My family and I were on our first day of vacation in Hawaii when Chipper and Ruth from Airtime Watertime noticed my 10-year-old son was having difficulty staying afloat while snorkeling. They quickly came to his aid and helped him safely and calmly to shore where they introduced themselves along with the terrific solution of the Floater wetsuit. We quickly purchased one for our son and he spent the rest of our vacation confidently snorkeling and enjoying the wonderful sea life. Without the suit I'm convinced he would have been limited and perhaps disinterested altogether in the experience.

Thanks to Airtime Watertime and the product they provided our vacation was all the more enjoyable. They further explained the benefit of the suit to help snorkelers float above the natural wonders of the coral reefs below to protect them from further damage. Overall a fantastic company that's offering a great product for a worthwhile cause!

~Matt Ellenwood, Indiana

This is the best!!!! My daughter is paralyzed and was scared to go in the water. Now I can’t get her out. She feels safe and wants to swim all the time now. Thank you so much!!!! It is by far the best float suit.

~Jennifer Freeman

Bobby has autism and can’t express his joy with words but you can see and feel it. Your suit has allowed him to have mastery at every depth and given us peace of mind while he swims.

Thank you all so much for helping him confidently and safely visit his happy place.

~Rhonda Taylor