Why a floating wetsuit?

A regular wetsuit by itself has some flotation, but not enough to keep you floating on the surface. A flotation suit is more buoyant. With the Floater wetsuit, the patented flotation panel keeps you above the water, not below it, so all swimmers can enjoy the water with confidence.

Does the Floater wetsuit make it easier to swim?

Yes. Because you do not have to expend effort to stay above the water, you can swim easier and move faster in it. The patented front panel in the Floater lifts your body above the surface and the suits flexible design makes it easy to swim.

Is the "Floater" a coastguard approved personal flotation device (PFD)?

Not yet. We are in the process of having it Coast Guard approved. This is done by making sure the materials, design, and construction are all up to the standards set by the Coast Guard. Sign up on our email list and we’ll let you know as soon as we have Coast Guard approved suits for purchase. While the flotation suit is very buoyant it is not considered a personal flotation device (PFD).

I have never worn a wetsuit, is it comfortable and easy to put on?

Yes. If you have never worn a wetsuit, the fit feels very soft and snug on your body. Once you get it on, the suit feels like a second skin. The neoprene will keep you warmer because it traps a layer of water next to your skin that warms up from your body heat.

As a parent, I’m curious, what’s the problem with just giving my kid a shorty wetsuit?

It depends on the wetsuit design. The more neoprene the more buoyancy. A child's wetsuit by itself may or may not have enough buoyancy. By adding our patented foam panel, the Floater wetsuit guarantees flotation in all normal water situations. In fact, most kids can’t go under water even if they try.

What size should I order?

Can people with disabilities use these wetsuits?

Yes. People with disabilities, adaptive athletes, and para-athletes can all use the flotation wetsuit like a regular wetsuit or to swim. Many find that when wearing the Floater wetsuit, swimming and floating are much easier. Paraplegic and quadriplegic swimmers often comment swimming with the suit makes them feel as if they have not suffered an injury.

I'm already a good swimmer. Why would I want this suit?

Skill level makes no difference with the Floater wetsuit. Beginning swimmers can attain confidence more quickly while wearing the suit, while enjoying water activities from the first splash. Advanced swimmers can expand their event horizons and access more creative places with the support the Floater wetsuit provides. There’s nowhere you can’t go.