Women’s Floater®
Women’s Floater®
Women’s Floater® with built-in flotation
Women’s Floater® with built-in flotation
Women’s floatsuit, Floater®
Women’s floatsuit, Floater®

Airtime Watertime

Women's Floater® with built-in flotation

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Floater® is one of-a-kind personal flotation wetsuit, combining buoyancy, flexibility, and protection to produce a water experience like no other.

It provides greater freedom of movement while solving the ongoing problem of water fatigue—allowing one the ability to rest without having to tread water.

Airtime Watertime Floater is a 2mm neoprene spring wetsuit with an extra long zipper for easy entry and exit. The chest area has been fitted with a specially designed panel of high-quality foam for support and flotation.

Airtime Watertime® Floater® wetsuit design features:

  • 2mm short sleeve spring suit

  • Construction: Flatlock-stitched seams

  • Contour collar for comfort, strategic seam placement, back zip entry

  • Extra-long zipper for easy entry and exit

  • Patented panel of high-quality foam in the chest area for support and flotation

  • Materials: 56% neoprene, 30% PVC, 14% polyester




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Care Instructions

Proper Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash with mild detergent in cold water.
  • Hang to dry.



Q:  I've never worn a wetsuit before. Is it comfortable and easy to put on?
A:  Yes. If you have never worn a wetsuit, the fit feels very soft and snug on your body. Once you get it on, the suit feels like a second skin. The neoprene will keep you warmer because it traps a layer of water next to your skin that warms up from your body heat.




I cannot even express what this suit means to us, my husband and I. We are 66 years old and have been married for 20 years. I am a water bug who grew up swimming, and I float like a cork.  He sinks like a rock so he doesn’t enjoy the water as I do.  We live on a lake and vacation at the ocean so water remains a huge part of my life.  He loves the suit. It completely removed his anxiety and fear of the water. What fun. Thank you!!!

~Gwen, South Carolina


Here’s a happy story. Yesterday I went SUPing in the Columbia River with a friend. I took my Airtime Watertime suit because I don’t have a life vest. I told my friend I probably didn’t need it, but since I didn’t have a life vest I was going to wear it.

Well good thing I did!!

Within five minutes of paddling a big wave came along from a speedboat and I flew off the board. Ha ha Ha it was so funny.

It was so nice to have the Airtime Watertime wetsuit on, not only for flotation and safety, but for warmth too. I was able to stay out on the water for an hour and if I had not had the Airtime Watertime Suit on, I would have been freezing! I will now wear it every time I go! Thanks Airtime Watertime, for making an awesome product and bringing joy to water sports!!!

~Roberta Pietrok, Oregon 


I just tried out my new Airtime Watertime suit. I’ve never been able to swim and was always afraid of the water. Now I can comfortably float around and start to learn some basic stroke movements. It’s an amazing product and I’m so glad I bought it.

~Amanda Clayton