It all started with a really big problem—needing air! Mark Okrusko—the innovator and founder of Airtime Watertime, Inc®—was surfing a local surf spot and a rogue wave broke on the outside. The water plowed into Mark like a freight train where he was slammed 8 feet under to the bottom of the ocean floor. Unable to find air, Mark was determined to find a solution to staying alive. 

After his near drowning experience, the flotation suit came alive. A suit that would keep you above the water—not under it. 

When Mark made it to the surface, he set out to build the most protective, floatable, comfortable, and reliable wetsuit on the planet—dubbed the “Floatsuit of the Future™.” This patented Floater suit helped revolutionize surf flotation and the Floater® adapted quickly to being a swim aid for kids, people with disabilities, and floating above the reefs for world-class, eco-friendly snorkeling.

Over the past decade, we have had the freedom to innovate, experiment, and test our products in oceans, rivers, lakes, and pools where people love to use it for stand-up paddling, wake-boarding, kayaking, and many other water sports. That’s why we’ve designed the Floater to work for every person in every condition—so you can feel safe, confident, use less sunscreen and connect to nature and all your favorite water sports with pure joy.