Leisure Pro Reviews Airtime Watertime Floater Wetsuits

Leisure Pro Reviews Airtime Watertime Floater Wetsuits

This Airtime Watertime wetsuit review was originally published in Leisure Pro's AquaViews: Online Scuba Magazine on September 30, 2019.



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Starting out as a Kickstarter project, Airtime Watertime’s line of Floater wetsuits allows watersport newbies and pros of all ages to swim safely and freely. They also give water lovers the greatest possible comfort and helps them swim risk-free. Combining flotation device buoyancy with the flexibility and protection that typical wetsuits have, the Floater wetsuits let you swim faster and farther with less effort.

Since Leisure Pro offers these groundbreaking wetsuits in its online store, we’ve decided to highlight their main features and benefits in this product review. 

What We Love About the Airtime Watertime Floater Wetsuits

the Airtime Watertime Floater wetsuit for men

Innovative Wetsuit Design

With flatlock stitched seams and a specially designed PVC foam panel on the chest area, the Floater wetsuits are great for any type of water-based activity. The panel helps wearers stay afloat and gives them support while they’re on the water. You can also don and doff these wetsuits easily as they come with an extra-long zipper.

Another great thing about the revolutionary wetsuit design is that it’ll help you swim faster and farther without exerting too much effort. The Floater wetsuits will also leave you free to move in the water, so you can enjoy water-based activities more.

Versatility for a Wide Range of Water Activities

The Floater wetsuits suit any recreational water activity, water rescue operation, and aqua therapy method. You can use them for snorkeling in tropical waters or while you do watersports such as surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and windsurfing. They’re also a good option if you want to explore lakes and rivers near mountains.

Aside from the activities we’ve already mentioned, these Airtime Watertime wetsuits have other uses as well. You can wear one if you’re traveling by sea and you need to look at your boat’s bottom part. They’re also helpful for rehabilitation and recovery, as well as marathon training. So no matter what water activity you’re into, the Floater wetsuits offer great versatility.

Suitable for Children, Adults, & Water Enthusiasts with Disabilities

Whether you’re just learning how to swim, are a watersport veteran, or are just looking for kids’ wetsuits, there’s a perfect Floater wetsuit waiting for you. Airtime Watertime currently offers wetsuits for menwomen, and children. They’re available in a wide range of sizes, so you’ll surely get one that perfectly fits your body shape.

It’s also worth noting that the wetsuits have fully flexible designs. You can get a 3mm spring wetsuit if you’re swimming in tropical waters, or go for a 7mm full bodysuit that you can use in waters with 32-degree (or higher) temperatures. But to give you a heads-up, Leisure Pro stocks 2mm short-sleeved spring variants for both kids and adults.

The Floater wetsuits make it easy for wearers with disabilities to swim, too. They can help these individuals swim on their own, making the Floater ideal for those suffering from lower-level injuries and quadriplegics. They’re highly recommended for paraplegics as well. Persons with disabilities will love these wetsuits and can use them for swimming, diving, and floating. 

the Airtime Watertime Floater wetsuit for women

the Airtime Watertime Floater kids’ wetsuits

Product Features

  • Flat Lock Stitching on Seams
  • Extra-Long Zipper
  • Specially Designed Foam Panel on Chest Area
  • Contoured Collar for Comfort
  • Rear Zipper with Pull-Tab Leash
  • Uses 56% Neoprene, 30% PVC, & 14% Polyester
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

Key Benefits

  • Offers Completely Unrestricted Movement
  • Helps Wearers Swim Faster
  • Enables Swimming to Farther Distances
  • Easy Resting and/or Floating on Water
  • Easy Entry & Exit with Extra-Long Zipper
  • Easy Self-Donning & Doffing with Rear Zipper
  • Provides Support & Flotation

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers have had to say about the Airtime Watertime Floater wetsuits:

“Beautiful swimming suit for my son, he enjoys so much swimming in it. Now, I don’t need to worry all the time that he removes his flotation devices and swimming is now more relaxing for us.”

“I have to say that your suit saved my entire trip. I would not have been able to snorkel and see the amazing fish and reefs that I saw if it wasn’t for your product. I felt so safe and confident at all times from the buoyancy of the suit that I could, for the first time in my life, relax in the water and enjoy it.”

“To anyone who has trouble with swimming, this is the suit to get! I love it so much.”

“Because of this suit, my life has been changed forever… I feel like water is no longer a limitation for me. Owning this suit has changed my life forever. I recommend this suit for those who are disabled and can’t swim without assistance, I recommend this suit for those people like me who have fear of the water. This suit will give you the comfort and confidence to overcome any and all fears and truly enjoy the water experience.”

“I love the water and anything you can do in, under, near, on or above it. So this incredible product is perfect for me. Not so much my wife who has never been a swimmer and has been afraid of the water – until I purchased a floater for her. Now for the very first time since we met, we can enjoy the water together. Awesome!”

“A wetsuit with a built-in flotation device; how cool is that?! … I can’t wait to try out this wetsuit next time I’m in the Caribbean or Hawaii.”

“I love this suit, I’m going to wear this all the time! I feel so confident with my suit.”

“This suit got me out there and back alive. I feel good!”

“Airtime Watertime Floater… I recommend every fire department, every swim agency, any lifeguard agency, water park, aquatics facility – everyone needs one.”

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