Airtime Watertime Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Innovative Wetsuit to Market

Airtime Watertime Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Innovative Wetsuit to Market

  • Local Santa Barbara startup Airtime Watertime started their Kickstarter campaign on Sept. 6 to bring their innovative Floater wetsuit to market
  • The campaign will also help fund the Coast Guard certification process for the one-of-a-kind wetsuit as a Type III personal flotation device (PFD)
  • Generous donors will receive a Floater of their own
SANTA BARBARA, California, Sept. 6, 2017. — Local Santa Barbara sports-apparel startup Airtime Watertime® is asking for your help to raise $5,000 dollars to bring the innovative Floater® wetsuit to market. Donations will fund the Coast Guard testing process to certify the one-of-a-kind wetsuit as a personal flotation device.  
“With Coast Guard certification,” said Vice President of Research and Development John Rushing, “the Floater wetsuit can be used as a Type III personal flotation device for your child or for yourself. While wearing the suit, you will have the confidence of staying afloat in stable waters, and boaters will be in compliance with regulations requiring to have a PFD on at all times.”

The Airtime Watertime Floater is a one-of-kind swim apparel that combines the buoyancy of a personal flotation device with the flexibility and protection of a wetsuit.

“It’s flexible, floatable, and fun,” said surfer-turned-inventor and owner of Airtime Watertime Mark Okrusko. “When you’re wearing the suit you can swim faster and farther with less effort.”

The suit comes in sizes for children and adults and is great for all water enthusiasts: novice swimmers, surfers, boaters, water rescue personnel, and swimmers with disabilities.  

“When you’re wearing the Floater,” said Marketing and Communications VP Ruth Wishengrad, “you don’t need to expend any effort to stay afloat or tread water. Its buoyancy makes it great for children who are novice swimmers to help them gain confidence. It’s also a great swim aid. The flotation makes it easier for swimmers with disabilities to swim without assistance.”

The Airtime Watertime Kickstarter campaign will go on for 29 more days after September 6. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of this campaign. Generous donors will receive an innovative Floater suit as a thank you. See the Kickstarter pledge rewards for more details.
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About Airtime Watertime

Airtime Watertime® is a company devoted to inspiring human potential. Our mission is to help people with innovative solutions and make informed choices to improve the planet and their lives socially and environmentally.

The purpose is to produce the highest quality products through trust, support, integrity, and mutual respect. Airtime Watertime is committed to building its products to support the people and our planet for generations to come.

Airtime Watertime has designed the Floater®, a flotation suit, to provide a totally new level of comfort, confidence and freedom to all who wish to enjoy water.