Our Mission

At Airtime Watertime we live by the eco-conscious oath:

“Take only pictures.
Leave only bubbles.
Keep only memories.”

We are committed to promoting the ethical treatment of native wildlife while ensuring that nature-loving observers have the most enriching and comfortable experience possible. 



The docile manatee roams the bottom sediment grazing passively with no fear of natural predators and therefore no need to flail or thrash. So why should you? In fact, floundering and kicking in most inland Floridian waterways stirs up muck and mud clouding the water and making the visibility underwater essentially zero. Regular wetsuits don’t provide enough buoyancy to passively float. The Airtime Watertime Floater does! So, float above effortlessly and maintain visibility. 



While we all love immersing ourselves in the majesty of nature, it is paramount that we understand that we all have a responsibility to protect and preserve. Airtime Watertime Inc., has developed a swim assist product with built-in flotation. This enables the wearer to effortlessly float on the surface of the water while keeping a safe distance from the federally protected Florida manatee.