Certified REEf Smart

Making a Difference

At Airtime Watertime we are dedicated group of ocean enthusiasts that care about the planet. We are so happy that the Floater® keeps people floating and as a certified reef smart product we are also helping to save the reefs.

Airtime Watertime has partnered with the Legacy Reef Foundation in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Message from Legacy Reef Foundation

The alliance with Airtime Watertime, Inc. and the Legacy Reef Foundation was a natural evolution. Besides keeping swimmers safe, ATWT float suits protect our coral reefs by preventing swimmers from standing on the reefs and reducing the sunscreen load on our coral reefs. We felt this was one of the most impactful products on the market that offer safety, connivence and protects our reefs.  This is the only wetsuit company that we have awarded the “Certified Reef Smart” designation for their work to protect coral reefs. 

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, the Legacy Reef Foundation, through partnerships with coastal communities, exists to create healthy reefs throughout the world; ensuring thriving coastal communities with a sustainable food base for generations to come. We do this through two major avenues: education and coral restoration. We currently are working on projects in Hawaii, Fiji, Solomon and Cook Islands, and Papua New Guinea. Through the use of customized coral nursery mobile labs built in shipping containers, we will be partnering with island nations to restore their coral reefs and bring back food security to their local population.